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Are you ready to take your CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) program to the next level? Join us on Thursday, September 21, 2023 for an insightful CAS Induction Webinar, where we introduce our innovative CAS Induction resource and offer practical guidance on its implementation. With the esteemed partnership of IB Educator Cathryn Berger Kaye, we bring you a resource designed to empower students and educators alike, making their CAS journey meaningful, enjoyable, and impactful.

Introducing the CAS Induction Resource

Our newly developed CAS Induction resource, co-authored by the experienced Cathryn Berger Kaye, grew out of the success of our CAS Induction workshops and is set to revolutionize your CAS program. This online resource is carefully crafted to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills they need to confidently embark on their CAS journey.

The CAS Challenge: Fostering Meaningful Engagement

The CAS program is an essential component of the IB curriculum, aimed at fostering holistic development, experiential learning, and community engagement. However, implementing a comprehensive CAS program comes with its own set of challenges. Educators need to navigate the fine balance between encouraging genuine engagement and avoiding the pitfalls of voluntourism or tokenistic involvement.

Moreover, coordinating meaningful CAS experiences that align with students’ passions, skill sets, and the needs of the community can be a complex endeavor. The question of integrating CAS seamlessly into an already demanding academic schedule while ensuring students extract maximum learning value from their experiences further complicates matters.

Addressing Challenges with the CAS Induction Resource

The CAS Induction Resource was developed precisely to address these challenges and empower educators and students to embark on a purpose-driven CAS journey.

1. Guiding Meaningful Selection: By providing students with insights into their strengths, interests, and the real needs of the community, the resource helps them select CAS experiences that are not just fulfilling but also impactful.

2. Creating Sustainable Impact: Our resource shows educators how they can encourage students to contribute to ongoing projects that ensure sustainable benefits for communities. It shifts the focus from short-term fixes to long-lasting change.

3. Seamless Integration: The modular nature of the resource allows educators to integrate CAS into their curriculum organically, aligning with academic timelines while maintaining its core essence.

4. Fostering Reflection: Reflection is pivotal in extracting valuable lessons from CAS experiences. The resource serves as a guide to reflective practices that enhance students’ understanding and personal growth.

Enhance Your CAS Program

During the CAS Induction Webinar, we will walk you through the intricacies of the CAS Induction Resource. This valuable tool is designed to enhance your CAS program in several impactful ways:

1. Collaborative Opportunities

Encouraging collaboration, the resource features activities that prompt students to work together in groups. By assigning partners within groups of 3-5 students, you can optimize the learning experience, ensuring that students coordinate effectively on tasks.

2. Flexibility for Individualization

Recognizing the diverse needs of CAS programs, our resource provides flexibility to tailor the modules and assignments to suit various timelines, schedules, and approaches. Modules are designed to be independent and interchangeable, allowing you to utilize them in any order that aligns with your CAS program structure.

3. Comprehensive CAS Experience

Our CAS Induction modules offer a unique blend of innovative CAS approaches and strategies, delving into the creation and understanding of CAS Projects, reflection, and Service Experiences. It’s a holistic approach that ensures students gain a well-rounded knowledge of CAS principles.

Our Trusted Partner, Cathryn Berger Kaye

At CAS Trips, we are proud to collaborate with Cathryn Berger Kaye, a distinguished Service Learning expert with a profound impact on IB pedagogy and philosophy. As a leading international education consultant, Cathryn has contributed significantly to shaping the landscape of CAS and Service Learning. Cathryn’s expertise emphasizes the potency of CAS and Service Learning as powerful educational tools that foster engaged and action-oriented global citizens. 

The CAS Induction Webinar: A Sneak Peek into Transformation

The CAS Induction Webinar on September 21 offers a sneak peek into the transformative potential of our CAS Induction Resource. Join us as we delve into the resource’s features and provide guidance on how to integrate it seamlessly into your CAS program. We invite you to be part of this dynamic exchange of knowledge and insights, where we collectively strive to elevate CAS to its highest potential.

Register for the webinar here or learn more about the CAS Induction Resource. Let’s embark on this educational journey together, embracing the spirit of CAS and fostering global citizenship through meaningful experiences.