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Yes, our destinations are myriad and wonderful – but what really makes a CAS Trip unique, are our team of professional CAS Trips Guides.

CAS Trips guides are the backbone of our organisation and we do not talk about them enough, so we thought we would take this blog post as a chance to tell you a little more about our team on the ground.

These are eight great qualities that truly define our guides across the globe.

1. Professional

 Our guides are trained and certified in their operating country. Knowing the area like the back of their hands, they know the best places to take you. They are extremely reliable and will ensure that you have nothing to worry about while traveling. Their knowledge offers an amazing tour filled with interesting facts and experiences – like fun ghost stories about the Scottish Highlands!

2. Curious

Our guides are curious – always on the lookout for new information, captivating tales or inspiring locations. They pride themselves on making their tours a once in a lifetime experience, with something new added each time.

3. International

Our guides – like many of our teachers and students – grew up internationally. This is a great way to expose yourself to multiculturalism. Just imagine partaking in Prague Spring 2020 with students from all over the world with a British, Czech, Australian or Hungarian tour guide! There is so much culture to explore.

4. Adventurous

 Our guides love to explore just as much as teachers and students do – if not more. They will be able to take you to new places that you might not have been able to explore on your own.

 5. Bilingual

The majority of our guides speak at least two languages. Whether you want to speak to someone in your mother tongue or practice speaking Español with your guide in Peru to enhance your foreign language skills for Spanish class back home, our guides are here to communicate with you.

6. Fun

There is nothing worse than a boring tour guide, so we made it a prerequisite that our guides must be fun; especially since we travel with high school students. Whether you are learning the history of China or helping the community in New York, there will never be a dull moment with our guides around. 

7. Helpful

Having trouble with your Changemakers Challenge or simply feeling home sick? Our guides are always there to help and have a solution to any difficult situations. You will never have to worry about getting lost in Berlin or the inability to communicate in Bhutan; our guides definitely have you covered!

 8. Educated

Our guides know what it is like to work hard in order to graduate from high school, so do not be afraid to ask them questions if you do not understand something. If the reflective homework in Colombia is too much, let your guide know. They will understand – and you can always take a breather.

Ready to meet our incredible guides across the globe? Select a destination, inquire about a customized trip for your school, and embark on the journey of a lifetime!